Biography: Zimangazenkosi Mthimkhulu (born 10 November 1991), popularly known as C. Z. Hamilton, is a South African writer, artist, media entrepreneur and creator of C.Z. Hamilton Media. His name Zimangazenkosi means “Wonders of God“. He is best known for his multiple artistic talents and slowly rose to fame by writing a novel & subsequently his prolific poetry series: FREEVERSE.

He released his first international ebook ”FREEVERSE Volume 1” in 2009 as part of a poetry series titled: FREEVERSE. It was soon followed by other titles, such as “The Graceful Gift of Words” and “The Sound of Seal“.

 Early life

He was born in and raised in Johannesburg, the eldest of 6 children: Hamilton had always been an art lover as a child and was quite talented. He began writing at the age of 10, writing short stories and by the time he was 17, he had written a large collection of short stories, poems, and was quite renowned (particularly in English) for his literacy prowess at his school.

Life and Career

He wrote his first feature novel: The Memoirs of a Hopeless Romantic in 2009, the book is loosely based on his own personal experiences and debut poetry anthology: Freeverse. His current work as a multimedia-connoisseur, has boosted his repertoire, with a steadily growing following.

On 4 May 2012 he released a free ebook on musician Seal entitled “The Sound of SEAL: The story behind the music” which features & profiles the past 20 years of his illustrious music career.


Hamilton had an interest in music from the early age when he watched his father play as a keyboardist at their local church. His Father bought him his first guitar when he was 6 years old and he begun playing piano at the age of 10.

Hamilton was however heavily inspired by guitarists such as Tony Cox, Phil Keaggy, Jimmy Dludlu and Preston Reed; and began playing mandolin, bass guitar and electric guitar as well. He studied 2 years of professional music theory on piano and his talent excelled.

Today C.Z. Hamilton plays solo & enjoys composing jazz and African instrumentals, while collaborating and working on new solo projects as well.

Other projects      

C.Z. Hamilton Productions is continuing to spread the horizons for the future in each of their divisions.



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